New Volunteer Wanted

Currently we need 3 kinds of volunteers. Click here to see the detailed requirements & rights & obligations.


Introduction : As long as you like to play games and enjoy sharing your gaming experience with others, welcome to join our Blog Club. Please enter the following link for more details: http://tinyurl.com/zvpyn4n


Introduction : Are you fascinating by a game and want to help other players out? Welcome to join our forum and make our community better.


Introduction : The writers in our Writer's Club mainly write for news.mmosite.com and some feature sites of MMOsite. For more details, please go to the following page: http://tinyurl.com/zvpyn4n



What is volunteer?
The job of Volunteer is to assist the Site Administrator in managing the website. This mainly includes: releasing game information, deleting spam, submitting suggestions, and creating a comfortable community environment for all users to interact with one another. Those who become Moderators will acquire this status, demonstrating their contributions to MMOsite and at the same time will be granted a set amount of MMOG as a reward every month. (What is MMO Gold?)
How can I become a volunteer?
Click the "Apply" button ( Apply ) on the Volunteer on becoming one of our Volunteers!
What categories of volunteers are there?
Temporary Volunteer -> Formal Volunteer -> Elite Volunteer -> Super Volunteer -> Heroic Volunteer
What benefits do volunteers get?
Temporary Moderator: 1500 Points (monthly);
Formal Moderator: 2500 Points (monthly);
Elite Moderator: 5000 Points (monthly);
Super Moderator: 7500 Points (monthly);
Heroic Moderator: 15000 Points (monthly)
What are the obligations of moderators?
1. Theme control 2. Maintain order 3. Keep forum clean 4. Reward users 5. Organize activities 6. Increase forum popularity. More details
What are the rights of moderators?
1. Delete tread or post 2. Move Topic 3. Sticky/cancel sticky 4. Edit post 5. Lock/cancel lock 6. Classic/cancel classic 7. Edit post title font 8. User ban management. More details

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