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First, please check the rights & obligations of Forum Moderators / Blog Writers / Columnists here: before you apply to be a volunteer. The following are some more detailed information about forum moderators.

A. What are the major responsibilities of forum moderators?

1. Theme control
The moderator must create an open discussion atmosphere in the forum he/she moderates, trying best to write posts, transfer relevant articles and reply to users' questions. It is the moderator's responsibility to establish and keep the forum style and theme according to the board layout.

2. Maintain order
The moderator must mediate irrational quarrels occurred in the forum he/she moderates to maintain normal order. The moderator should take a neutral stand and pose a fair attitude in settling disputes, particularly when involved in controversial topics.

3. Keep forum clean
Monitor your assigned forum for abusive posts, unauthorized spam or advertisements, copyright infringements, any sort of harassment, and any other violations of the forum rules and edit or delete posts that violate these rules.

4. Reward users
Properly utilize the moderator's rights to reward users for their excellent posts through making them sticky, classic or giving users scores. Do not abuse your power for personal gain.

5. Organize activities
Organize forum activities frequently and closely coordinate with the official forum staff in organizing forum activities. Moderators should submit an activity plan to forum admin! If the plan was accepted, the admin and moderator will work together to hold the activity and moderators will get certain MMOgold as reward, which depends on the activity result.

6. Increase forum popularity
Foster a sense of community, caring and responsiveness in your assigned forum. This can be done easily by getting involved in discussions, responding to posts (especially those no one else responds to), and offering your support. NOTE: You do not have to reply to every post.

7. Moderator Tool Guide,1.html

B. How to apply for a forum moderator position?

Volunteer Center is for you to handle all the moderator stuff in our site. The forum admin will revealed the available moderator positions. Log in the volunteer center page and fill the application information, our admin will handle these application as soon as possible.

Requirements of Forum Moderators:
1. The user should have related gaming experience about the game board he/she is applying.
2. The user should have enough spare time for forum modding! (We don't request you log-in every day, just give some spare time to keep the forum in order and help other users)
3. The user should have at least 100 posts in MMOsite forum. (If you are a newcomer, please don't hurry. Spamming will make you lose the chance of being the moderator.)
4. The user should firstly obey all the MMOsite forum rules.
Note: If the user posted certain amount of classical/hot threads, or the user has the experience of being a moderator in other site. We don't require 100 posts for them! In a word, special contribution to forum could help your application and promotion.

C. Moderator Ranking System

Temporary Moderator—Formal Moderator-Elite Moderator—Super Moderator—Heroic Moderator
Forum moderators could accept quest in the Volunteer Center to increase their EXP! When reaching the EXP cap, your volunteer level will be promoted. And when you reach the needed working time in MMOsite, your forum Moderator level will also be promoted accordingly. Of course, if you work extremely hard and made certain contribution (organizing activities, providing useful suggestions), the period will be shortened. Check the details below:

Temporary (probation) Moderator: When one month probation period expires, if a temporary moderator gets the required volunteer points, he/she can become a formal moderator after submitting an application and being approved .

Formal Moderator: The formal moderator of MMOsite forum promoted from temporary moderator.

Elite Moderator: Elite moderator must be able to enforce the forum rules fairly and strictly and push the forum to develop rapidly. If perform well, a formal moderator can apply for Elite moderator after working as formal moderator for 6 months

Super moderator: Super moderator must have made a great contribution to the development of the forum:Have ever moded at least one active general board more than 3 months. (General Discussion/ Off Topic/ New Game discussion/ Non-English MMOs) 2:Been accepted by our MMOsiters. ( More than 50 followers, and posted over 5 threads that received more than 60 replies)

Heroic Moderator: If perform well, a formal moderator can apply for Heroic Moderator after working as formal moderator for 36 months. (Special contribution needed to get the title)

D. Moderator Benefit and Working Standard (Salary Issues)

To improve our moderator team's efficiency, we have worked out a general monthly work standard for all forum moderators. This will serve not as something that is compulsory, but rather it provides you with some basic responsibility guidelines for being a qualified moderator. The following are the detailed standards:

Mod Title Number of Posts(80%)   Log In and Operation(20%) Total maximum Points and EXP per month (100%)
Temporary Moderator Post 0-10 11-100 >100 Login 0-10 11-50 >50 4200 Points
Points 0 330-3000 3600 Points 0 110-500 600
Post 0-10 11-100 >100 Login 0-10 11-50 >50 7800 Points
Points 0 550-5000 6000 Points 0 165-750 900
Post 0-10 11-100 >100 Login 0-10 11-50 >50 12000 Points
Points 0 880-8000 9600 Points 0 220-1000 1200
Post 0-10 11-100 >100 Login 0-10 11-50 >50 15000 Points
Points 0 1100-10000 12000 Points 0 275-1250 1500
Post 0-10 11-100 >100 Login 0-10 11-50 >50 18000 Points
Points 0 1320-12000 14400 Points 0 330-1500 1800
Extra Reward Official News(Extra 20%) Guides and Reviews(Extra 20%)
Temporary Moderator Judged by Admin Guide 0-2 >2
Points 0-300 Judged by Admin
Formal Moderator Judged by Admin Guide 0-2 >2
Points 0-500 Judged by Admin
Elite Moderator Judged by Admin Guide 0-2 >2
Points 0-1000 Judged by Admin
Super Moderator Judged by Admin Guide 0-2 >2
Points 0-1500 Judged by Admin
Heroic Moderator Judged by Admin Guide 0-2 >2
Points 0-3000 Judged by Admin

1. Number of Posts (Accounts for 80% of Mods' Points)
Temporary and Formal Moderators need to make at least 30 posts every month (Including at least 5 new topics); Elite, Super and Heroic Moderators need to make at least 50 posts every month (Including at least 8 new topics).

Please note that although you should start certain number of new topics, you should not spam to meet the requirement.

2. Operation (Accounts for 20% of Mods' Points)
If you log in to our forum enough times and complete the major responsibilities, you will get the remaining 20% of your Points. The Points increases according to your performance.
Major Responsibilities:

3. Official News & Events Thread (Accounts for extra 20% of Mods' Points)
The moderators who are in charge of specific MMO forums need to open up a thread on Official News & Events section. The post will contain some of the game's latest official news and events reports and should constantly be updated. If the moderators are in charge of General forums: General Discussion, New Game Discussion, Off-topic, etc. They don't have to make an Official News Thread. We will grade your thread according to the quality and timeliness of the content.

4. Guides and Reviews (Accounts for extra 20% of Mods' Points)
If the moderators write guides and reviews on the forum, they will get extra rewards. The length should be more than 250 words. You can get a minimum of 3 MMOgold per article, and if your article is awesome, we will increase the reward.

E. Punishment

If a mod fails to achieve the minimum requirements (30 posts with 5 new topics for Temporary and Formal Moderators, 50 posts with 8 new topics for Elite, Super and Heroic Moderators), the admin will delete some volunteer points accordingly. If a mod fails to achieve the minimum requirements for three executive months, his/her mod position will be degraded.

F. Requirements for the Mod’s Salary sent by PayPal

If your post amount reaches 150 with 15 new topics in an executive month, you may apply to be paid through PayPal according to the MMOgold you can get. However, you'll need to make sure none of the 150 posts are in Off-topic board and none of them is a spam post. When you tell the admin your PayPal account, please make sure it's correct. The admin won't re-distribute the payment if you offer the wrong one.

Note: If you have some real-life issues that make you can't finish the mod job, please ask for a leave in the volunteer center, it may help you avoid the punishments.